Friday, May 25, 2012

Technical Vocabulary

Question: When introduce technical vocabulary: before, during, or after reading?

Answer: Before and after reading, teachers presented the words in a sentence, using an overhead projector, and then discussing  meaning of the words in class. Students used a glossary during reading. No statistically significant differences in the three methods.

Comment: I still prefer pre-teaching technical vocabulary. Students are alerted to it and see and recognize it. I have done some experiments and found that students did not see or recognize the technical terms when reading if not pre-taught. RayS. 

Title: “Technical Vocabulary: When Should You Teach It?” Jeanne Shay Schumm. Summarizing the following research: DM Memory (1990) Teaching Technical Vocabulary: Before. During or After the Reading Assignments? Journal of Reading Behavior, 22, 39-53. Journal of Reading (October 1991), 90.

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