Monday, May 14, 2012

Reading/Writing Connection

Question: How are reading and writing connected?

Answer/Quote: “Reading and writing are intimately and inextricably bound. Serious efforts to examine and improve students’ writing can be informed by careful inventory of the kinds of texts to which they have been and continue to be exposed. It seems clear, then, that teachers at all levels should give careful attention to the selection of reading material—particularly for non-or reluctant readers for they are the very students who have the most catching up to do. Students who rarely  read anything more challenging than popular magazines cannot be expected to write as well as students who have had exposure to more complex and varied texts.” P. 188.

Comment: As noted in previous research, even young students when writing books, copy the formats of the children’s literature books read to them by teachers, with text on one part of the page and pictures on the other part of the page. My experience has also been that people who have not been formally taught to write have become writers because “they were never without a book in their hands.” The formats of narrative and expository writing can be taught, but there is no question about the value of reading to the ability to write. RayS.

Title: “Good Readers Make Good Writers: A Description of Four College Students.” Mary C. Daane. Journal of Reading (November 1991), 184-188.

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