Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adult Literacy

Question: What are some problems with adult literacy training in the U.S.?

 Answer/Quote: “Adult literacy programs face a multitude of problems: In the United States they attract “less than 7% of the illiterate population and they must provide for widely differing reading levels among their adult students….; they suffer from lack of both funding…and age-appropriate materials….; their tutors, though dedicated and well intentioned, often lack the skills necessary to teach and motivate adults…; and the drop-out rate is extremely high, ranging from 50% to70%..... Moreover, instruction is strongly skill based, presented by tutors with little training who are usually encouraged to use only their sponsoring agency’s materials….” P. 108.

Comment: That’s a boatload of problems. FYI. RayS.

Title: “Interactive Computer-Assisted Instruction with Adults.” R Finnegan and R Sinatra. Journal of Reading (October 1991), 108-119.

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