Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Case Studies

Question: What are case studies and what should they consist of?

“A case study is not a human interest feature nor uninterpreted diagnostic notes but a professional analysis of one case that is illuminating to other professionals. It should provide useful, interesting information about the type of student, the techniques used with that individual and the results of interventions.”

“A rationale for selecting the case should be presented.”

“The case study should be tied to the professional literature.

“Full specifics about the student’s circumstances and abilities should be provided.”

“The instructor’s actions and their results should be specified.”

“Interpretations of events should provide new insights.”

“Recommendations should be made. The writer should sum up by saying why the case was worth looking at and what it suggests for other professionals.” P. 195.

Title: “Call for Case Studies.” Journal of Reading (November 1991), 195.

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