Thursday, May 17, 2012

Code of Ethics for Reading Professionals

Question: What are some important issues in the International Reading Association’s code of ethics?

> “It is the obligation of all members to maintain relationships with other professional persons, striving for harmony, avoiding personal controversy, encouraging cooperative effort, and making known the obligations and services rendered by professionals in reading.”

> “It is the obligation of members to report results of research and other developments in reading.”

> “Members should not claim nor advertise affiliation with the International Reading Association as evidence of their competence in reading.”

> “Professionals in reading must possess suitable qualifications for engaging in consulting, clinical, or remedial work.”

> “Information derived from consulting and/or clinical services should be regarded as confidential….”

> Professionals in reading should recognize the boundaries of their competence….”

> “Referral should be made to specialists in allied fields as needed.”

> “Reading clinics and/or reading professionals offering services should refrain from guaranteeing easy solutions or favorable outcomes as a result of their work…..”

Comment: Just a reminder. Could refer to professionals in any area of the teaching of English. RayS.

Title: “International Reading Association Code of Ethics.” Journal of Reading (November 1991), 230.

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