Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Informal Adult Reading Assessment

Question: What is a technique to use with adults in literacy classes?

Answer/Quote: “Jones and Parker (1991) have explained how the Language Experience Approach (LEA) can be used as an informal assessment technique for adult beginning readers. The examiner asks the adult to tell a personal story and takes notes verbatim as the adult speaks. Next, the adult is to read aloud the story that he or she has just dictated. If the adult has difficulty with this task, the examiner reads the text while the adult follows along and then the student is asked to read the text independently. This procedure is recommended for gaining insights into general reading ability, use of reading strategies and general oral language facility. Evaluation of progress in a literacy program could be achieved by collecting and reading LEA stories over time.” p. 258.

Comment: There is no end to the usefulness of the Language Experience Approach in reading, at whatever level. I continue to be impressed by it. RayS.

Title: “Adult Literacy Assessment: Existing Tools and Promising Developments.” Alan M. Frager. Journal of Reading (November 1991), 256-259.

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