Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Roles of Teachers and Technology in the Classroom

Question: What is the role of technology in the classroom?

Answer/Quote: “Professional ethics demand that teachers (rather than machines) make decisions. The role of the technology should be to support professional decision making, not to supplant it. Unfortunately, the problem of appropriate use cannot be solved in the straightforward manner system-specific problems usually can. The key to the solution isn’t technological, it’s pedagogical. Teachers need to be trained in the use of this technology and its limits.” P. 46.

 Comment: I wonder how many teachers agree with this statement. The most interesting comment for me was in the words “limits of technology.” What are the limits of technology? RayS.

Title: “Computer-assisted Diagnosis in Reading; An Expert Systems Approach.” John E. McEneaney. Journal of Reading (September 1992), 36-47.

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