Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Language Experience Appproach to Reading

Question: How can young students be introduced to reading?

Answer/Quote: “The language experience approach (LEA) to reading instruction receives plaudits both in practice and research literature. It motivates students to want to read and effectively demonstrates the connection between spoken and written language. The use of a student’s own language and background of experiences encourages acquisition of a reading vocabulary as well as comprehension of the printed word. P. 867.

Begin with a stimulus—“anything that will prompt a discussion, such as an object, animal, toy, field trip, holiday, person, special event or picture.”

After discussion, students dictate their story and it is recorded on chart paper by the teacher. The teacher then reads the dictated story, reads it again with the children, then highlights words and phrases and asks children to try to read what is on the chart paper.

Comment: Useful also with students, younger or older, whose native language is not English. RayS.

Title: “The Language Experience Approach to Reading: Recurring Questions and Their Answers.” B Mallon and R Berglund. The Reading Teacher (May 1984), 867-871.

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