Monday, February 6, 2012

A Problem with Professional Journals and Research

Note: The following is from a letter to the editor concerning “The Topsy-Rurvy World of ‘Sight’ Words,” an article by Patrick Goff, March 1974 in published in RT:

Quote: “I realize that to accurately evaluate Groff’s article one would have to read each of the textbooks and study the research reports cited by him. However difficult and time consuming such practices would be, some procedures to assess the accuracy of articles…should be developed.” 71.

Comment: Today, 2012, with the concern that articles should be “research-based,” much of what is cited as research is questionable. ‘should  findings referred to as “suggest,” “indicate,” or “possibly be considered” count as valid research findings? I agree with Karlin. Some method has to be found to assess the research that underlies many of today’s articles in professional journals. The findings are cited, but how accurate and valid are the research findings? RayS.

Title: “Karlin Quoted Out of Context.” Robert Karlin. The Reading Teacher (October 1974), 70-71.

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