Monday, February 13, 2012

Reading Comprehension: Visualization

Question: How can teaching students to visualize information help improve comprehension?

Answer/Quote: “Consistently cause students to visualize information.” P. 833.

Quote: “As you read aloud to students, have them create images.” P. 834.

Quote: “When students review material or prepare for a quiz, guide them to recall the picture they previously created.” P. 834.

 Quote: “Remember to apply these visualization strategies to expository as well as narrative material.” P. 834.

 Comment: The idea of visualization also applies to spelling. Harry Shefter in Six Minutes a Day to Perfect Spelling,” shows how to “blow up” or enlarge the “trouble spot” in a word that is usually misspelled (“arGUMent) and then adds a silly association to complete the visualization: “Never chew GUM in an arGUMent.” RayS.

Title: “Neurolinguistic Application to the Remediation of Reading Problems.” DG Arnold and B Swaby. The Reading Teacher (May 1984), 831-834.

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