Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading Supervisors

Note: What struck me most were the roles that the supervisors who participated in the survey were least interested in.

Roles most desired: coordinate all aspects of the reading program, supervise reading personnel, knowledge of research, etc., support classroom teachers, participate in curriculum development, supervise reading programs, participating in setting policies in reading methods, and select reading staff.

Roles least desired: involving community; develop school recreational reading programs; interpret standardized tests for school board, parents, etc.; confer with parents; prepare reports; demonstrate materials and methods to staff; meet with other subject coordinators and staff; plan meetings to help parents support the reading programs.

Comment: To me, the “meat” of the roles for supervisors are the roles the supervisors least wanted to participate in. The roles most challenging. WOW! Of course, I did not see the questions and they could have helped to sway the direction of the answers. Still…. RayS.

Title: “Actual and Desired Roles of Reading Supervisors.” K Mack. Journal of Reading (April 1991), 568-570.

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