Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quotations about Reading

Question: How engage students in discussions of the reading process?

Answer/Quote: “In my reading classes I use the book The Delights of Reading by Otto L. Bettmann (Grodin 1987). It contains quotes from famous individuals about how they feel about reading and writing. I have my students comment about what they believe the quote is saying, if they agree with it or not and why.” P. 662.

Comment: Another source of Quotes on reading is A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel, Penguin, 1996. Many books contain quotes on writing, including Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews. Ed. Malcolm Cowley, 1965 and Good Advice on Writing, Safire and Safir, 1992. RayS.

Title: “Thinking Over Famous Quotations on Reading.” M Lewis. Journal of Reading (May 1991), 662.

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