Monday, October 10, 2011

Informal Reading Inventories (IRI's)

Question: Emmett A. Betts originated IRI’s. What were his thoughts about them?

Answer: By his own assessment, 40% of students are placed in books too difficult for them.

What does 90% comprehension mean? What kinds of comprehension? Literal, critical, or creative?

The real purpose of informal reading inventories: It’s the behaviors that are important—finger  pointing, tension, word-by-word reading, ignoring punctuation—clues to poor reading.

He’s sorry he established numerical criteria. It’s the behaviors that are important.

 Comment: The IRI enables the teacher to determine materials the student will read easily, the materials that are at the instructional level where instruction should begin, and the frustration level. The purpose is to provide the instructional level. RayS.

Title: Emmett A. Betts on Informal Reading Inventories.” JL Johns. Journal of Reading (March 1991), 492-493.

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