Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Process Approach to Reading in ESL Class

Question: What does the author mean by “Reading Process”?

Answer: These techniques were used in an English class in China.

> Asking students to anticipate what might happen in a story by detecting hints given in the title.

> Reading a story in which a part was deliberately removed and then having students write in the missing part.

> Reading a passage with large sections left out and then asking students questions on their overall comprehension.

> Reading a piece of writing twice: first without and then with the title or an illustration to see how understanding of the text changes when clues are provided.

> Reading something with nonsense or invented words in it and guessing the meaning of the words by making use of the context.  P. 626-126.

Comment: These techniques come under the heading of trying them on yourself before trying them with students. RayS.

Title: “Using the Process Approach to Reading in an EFL [English in a Foreign Language} Class.”Fan Xianlong. Journal of Reading (May 1991), 624-627,

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