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Question: How can a teacher learn students’ notetaking practices?

Answer/Quote: Below is a notetaking assessment:

 Pre-lecture (Never, Sometimes, Always)
> I read assignments and review notes before my classes.

> I sit near the front of the class.

> My notes are organized by subjects in a loose-leaf notebook.

> I have a definite notetaking strategy. (“Date and label notes at the top of the page. Draw a margin and keep  all running lecture notes to one side. Use other side for organization, summarizing and labeling. Indent to show importance of ideas. Skip lines to indicate change of ideas. Leave space for elaboration and clarification. Be selective. Abbreviate when possible. Paraphrase. Use underlining, circling, and different colors of ink to show importance. Cover one side of notes to study.” P. 615.)

> I adapt my notetaking for different classes.

> I use only one half of the page in taking notes.

> I date each day’s notes.

> I use my own words in writing notes.

> I use abbreviations whenever possible.

> My handwriting is legible for study at a later date.

> I can identify the main ideas in a lecture.

> I can identify details and examples for main ideas.

> I indent examples and details under main ideas to show their relationship.

> I leave enough space to resolve confusing ideas in the lecture.

> I ask questions to clarify confusing points in the lecture.

> I record the questions my classmates ask the lecturer.

> I am aware of instructor signals for important information.

> I review my notes immediately after class to make sure that they contain all the important points of the lecture and are legible

> I underline important words and phrases in my notes.

> I reduce my notes to jottings and cues for studying at a later date.

> I summarize the concepts and principles from ach lecture in a paragraph.

> I use my notes to draw up practice questions in preparation for examinations.

> I use my notes to find ideas that need further explanation.

> I use the reading assignment to clarify ideas from the lecture.

Comment: The same assessment can be used for taking notes on the reading assignment. RayS.

Title: “Enhancing Students’ Notetaking Through Training and Evaluation.{ NA Stahl, JR King and WA Henk. Journal of Reading (May 1991), 614-622.

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