Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using Textbooks

Question: How do teacher use textbooks in their classes [not just in English, but in all disciplines]?

Here is the survey:

. How are your text materials selected?

. How do you typically use your textbook?

. What things keep you from the most effective use of your textbooks?

. What do you like about your textbook?

. What do you dislike about your textbook?

Quote: “This survey did not find much evidence of reading strategy instruction occurring in the secondary classroom, and overall it appeared that text reading is not heavily promoted in the U.S. content area classrooms regardless of teacher experience level.” P. 470.

 Comment: At the very least students should be taught SQ3R—especially the survey, question part. The survey provides background information on the topic and the questions provide the purposes for reading. RayS.

Title: “Teachers’ Views of Textbooks and Text Reading Instruction: Experience Matters.” D Menke and B Davey. Journal of Reading (March 1994), 464-470.

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