Monday, September 12, 2011

Anticipation Guides

Question: What is the purpose of anticipation guides?

 Answer/Quotes: “ ‘How much can a marlin weight?’ I ask.

"A marlin? Seventh grade pencils scratch busily. Hands go up. ‘Ten pounds?’ ‘Two pounds?’ Students begin to grin. ‘A hundred pounds!’ The grins get wider. ‘Six ounces!’ A chortle ripples across the classroom.”

“I smile but do not give the answer. We try another question on the Anticipation Guide. ‘How long is a marlin’s spear?’ A marlin has a spear? Some students guess correctly; most do not.”

“Now, I have for you an encyclopedia article on the marlin. Read to find the correct answers to our questions.’ The students pounce on the article and are immediately absorbed in reading.”

Comment: An Anticipation Guide suggests intriguing questions that the students will read to answer. A way of providing purpose for reading. RayS.

Title: “Integrating Content Area Skills with Fiction Favorites.” HE Ollmann. Journal of Reading (February 1991), 3998-399.

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