Friday, September 30, 2011

Text and Illustrations

Question: What are the values of multi-modal composition in literature?


Quote: “The collaboration of the poet Myra Cohn Livingston and the artist Leonard Everett Fisher has resulted in true treasures, among them the poem cycles Sky Songs (1984), Sea Songs (1986), and Earth Songs (1986). These volumes of serious poetry have been enhanced by Fisher’s illustrations which suggest rather than impose on the poet’s intentions. Such a collaboration provokes readers to use their imaginations to realize meanings in depth.” P. 462.

 Quote: “Teachers will find that these illustrated song cycles are treasures that will heighten young people’s appreciation of the natural world and will also show them the power that a collaboration of different modes of expression can have in creating meaning.” P. 464.

Title: “Extending the Message: Collaboration of Livingston, the Poet, and Fisher, the Painter.” JM Harms and LJ Lettow. Journal of Reading (March 1991), pp. 462-464.

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