Friday, September 23, 2011

Captioned TV and Reading

Question: How can captioned video help 4th-grade problem readers develop comprehension and vocabulary?

Answer/Quote: “The addition of captions to television is a technological breakthrough that can enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills for many below-average readers. Its motivational qualities make it appealing to students who have been difficult to reach with traditional materials….. Not only does it capture their attention but its multisensory presentation of information decreases the difficulty of learning new words….. the combination of the video action with spoken dialogue and printed words is a powerful tool in learning to read.” P. 42.

Steps to Take: Preview the video. Keep the video segment short (less than 5 minutes). Locate related texts. Find “books and magazines that focus on the concepts introduced in the video segment.”

Title: “Captioned Video and Vocabulary Learning: An Innovative Practice in Literacy Instruction.” PS Koskinen, et al. The Reading Teacher (September 1993), 36-43.

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