Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reading Areas in Public Places

Question: How can we promote reading?

Answer/Quote: “The Reading Committee of the International Publishers Association has recommended that people interested in promoting reading try setting up ‘Reading Areas’ in public places, such as airports, railway stations, town halls, museums, hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, fairs, music academies, cultural centers, universities, schools, etc.

“The basics for a Readers Area would be a space with chairs, tables, and adequate lighting, perhaps to one side of major foot traffic, to which people could bring their own reading material. Each area should be clearly designated by a prominent sign.”

Comment: Sounds like a good idea to me. In order to avoid criticism, I think Readers Area should have an apostrophe: Readers’ Area.” RayS.

Title: “Set Up ‘Readers Areas’ in Your City.” Open to Suggestion. Journal of Reading (December 1990), 303.

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