Monday, January 9, 2012

Reading Aloud to Young Children

Question: Why read aloud to young children?

 Answer/Quote: “There can be little doubt that young children benefit from being read to during their early years. Studies in home settings have shown that storybook reading is associated with vocabulary growth, increased awareness of the nature of written language, growth in background knowledge, eagerness to read, learning to read before school, and even success in beginning reading in school…. Perhaps the best testament to the power of storybook reading for primary grade children is a study by Feitelson, Kita, and Goldstein (19986). They showed that reading aloud regularly to first graders caused the children to increase significantly their listening comprehension, active use of language, and decoding skills. Therefore, being read to helps a child build an excellent foundation for continued literacy growth.” P. 362.

Comment: Of course everyone knows that reading aloud to young children establishes a basis for learning to read. But it helps to learn some specific outcomes of reading aloud. RayS.

Title: “Cross-Age Reading: a Strategy for Helping Poor Readers.” LD Labbo and WH Teale. Reading Teacher (February 1990), 362-369.

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