Thursday, January 12, 2012

Basics in Writing

Question: What are the basics in writing?

Answer/Quote: “Yet teachers need to remind themselves that analyzing and explaining the components of successful writing are no substitute for helping students discover a reason to write, nor for acknowledging what motivates their uses of and attitudes toward written language.” P. 260.

 Comment: Purpose. In giving students assignments, it’s easy to forget why students should want to complete the assignment, other than to earn a grade. Helping students to find purposes other than grades is not easy. I write this blog because I want to share ideas with other English teachers. I think professional journals in teaching English have interesting and helpful ideas for solving problems in teaching. Why should students want to complete your assignments? That’s another way of saying, how can you make your writing assignments “authentic.” RayS.

Title: “Individual Goals and Academic Literacy: Integrating Authenticity and Explicitness.” Sarah W. Beck. English Education (April 2009), 259-280.

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