Monday, June 4, 2012

Reading Strategies

Question: What are the effects of teaching students reading strategies?

Answer/Quote: “Comprehension difficulties are often related to readers’ failure to participate actively in the reading process. Teaching students to become more strategic when they read increases their understanding of important textual information, as well as their motivation.” P. 132.

Comment: Students feel as if they are more in control of what they are doing when they have strategies for preparing themselves for reading, as in the FLIP strategy (Friendliness, Language, Interest, and Prior Knowledge) for assessing the difficulty of a reading assignment in a content area (Schumm and Mangrum), for dealing with difficult material, for helping to remember key vocabulary words, etc. A strategy is not a skill; It’s a method for dealing with a situation in reading or writing or spelling, etc. RayS.

Title: “Self-Questioning and Prediction: Combining Metacognitive Strategies.” TE Nolan. Journal of Reading (October 1991), 132-138.

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