Friday, June 8, 2012

Public Relations

Question: What is the value of public relations in discussing reading/writing programs with the public?

Answer/Quote: “Why are good public relations essential to your reading and writing programs? If parents and your public understand the programs, they will be much more likely to support them…. Also, if parents understand and support your reading and writing programs, their children will reflect their positive attitudes.” P. 738.

Quote: “Finally, be ready to answer questions. Questions will arise, and can be answered, as you provide information and services, but there are some additional things you can do. You might consider publishing pamphlets that address aspects of the reading and writing programs in your district. Titles for consideration may include: ‘What are the Reading/Writing Programs Like in Our School District?’ ‘How Can  You, As a Parent, Help at Home with Reading and Writing?’ ‘Questions and Answers about Invented Spelling,’ ‘Questions and Answers about Content Area Reading,’ etc. Make these pamphlets available to each school,, Perhaps teachers could offer them during parent-teacher conferences.” P. 739.

Comment: Another of my failures as K-12 English supervisor—public relations. The preceding suggestions are good! RayS.

Title: Reading Supervisors: Good Public relations: An Essential Ingredient.” Pat Hagerty. Journal of Reading (May 1989), 7388-739.

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