Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teamwork and Listening

Question: What is “basic” in teamwork?

Answer/Quote: “In my judgment, the capacity to be a good team member and to work cooperatively with coworkers should be one of the ‘basic skills’ we try to develop in our … education programs….”

Quote: For example, we hear a lot these days about developing student ‘communication skills.’ But how shall we define those skills? If we gave more attention to the social and value implications of the concept, I think we’d move beyond a focus on writing and speaking to look at the art of good listening. This neglected skill is not only of great practical importance, it also emphasizes the essence of cooperative spirit.” P. 43.

Comment: Amen! But you won’t learn good listening skills on TV. RayS.

Title: From Alexander W. Astin, “Competition or Cooperation? Teaching Teamwork as a Basic Skill,” Change, Sept-Oct. 1987, pp 12-19. In “Listening—A Teamwork Skill.” Journal of Reading (September 1991), 43.

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