Friday, March 2, 2012

Case Study

Question: How did a 44-year-old who could neither read or write learn to do so in less than one year?

Answer/Quote: “This is the story of a remarkable man. At 44, Norman decided he wanted to learn to read and write. In less than one year, he has progressed from being a man who could not read or write his own address to a man who enjoys reading the newspaper and social studies books. This is also the story of a team of adult educators and a Student Literacy Corps volunteer who nurtured, supported, and learned from Norman.” P. 38.

Quote: “Norman was never asked to memorize high frequency vocabulary words from a sight word list. He was never subjected to workbooks and skill sheets. His reading and writing were always in the context of his life.” P. 42.

> “Norman’s reading and writing always had a purpose and an audience. His journal writing…was real; he used it to express his joy, his anger, and his feelings.”

> “Norman was provided with lots of demonstrations of how language works. Sharon, David, and Val constantly read and wrote to Norman. In doing so, they provided  him with role models of reading and writing.”

> “The context of Norman’s instruction always included the expectation that he would be successful.”

> “Norman’s approximations in reading and writing were accepted and rewarded. When he wrote ‘I did nutting but get mat,’ Val responded to his anger, not his spelling.”

> Norman spent ample time employing his new skills. He became actively engaged in reading.” Pp. 41-42.

Comment: Real reading and real writing, not exercises. RayS.

Title: “Case Study: Norman: Literate at Age 44.” V Meyer, SL Estes, VK. Harris and DM Daniels. Journal of Reading (September 1991), 38-42.

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