Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting to Know Your Students

Question: How can you learn your students’ personal preferences?

Answer: “To start, the instructor can hand out cards or small sheets of paper showing the following list of preferences. Let every class member check yes or no for each item.

I usually PREFER to….

> Do things quickly.            Yes         No

> Act alone.          Yes         No

> Act with a group.              Yes         No

> Get to the point quickly in a conversation. Yes         No

> Engage in extended discussion.     Yes         No

> Involve all members in a small group discussion.      Yes         No

> Speak rather than listen. Yes         No

> Observe rather than speak. Yes     No

> Use gestures when speaking.          Yes         No

> Use brainstorming frequently.       Yes         No

> Do something rather than talk or read about it.         Yes         No

 > Plan rather than carry out events or activities.           Yes         No

Quote: “Then, on the chalkboard, tally everyone’s responses. This will show the distribution of preferences among the class members and group tendencies.”

Comment: Teachers, of course, can add their own ideas on preferences. RayS.

 Title: “Assessing Students’ Personal Preferences.” Journal of Reading (September 1991), 53.

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