Monday, August 1, 2011

Reading, Writing and ESL Students

Question: How use multiple texts to prepare for writing on a topic?

Answer: “Reading also serves as preparation for writing when students are given opportunities to read multiple texts and resources about a topic before and during their writing, thereby building a sufficient repertoire of concepts and vocabulary.”

"In discussion groups of four to six students, the children can take one or two minutes each to share a piece of information about their topics and to respond to questions from others in the group.” P. 143.

Comment: Sources could be various trade books dealing with the topic, textbooks, magazine articles, the Internet and reference works. RayS.

Title: “Comprehending through Reading and Writing: Six Research-Based Instructional Strategies.” N Farnan, J Flood and D Lapp. Pp. 135-137. In Kids Come in All Languages: Reading Instruction for ESL Students. Eds. K Spangensberg-Urgschat and R Pritchard. Newark, DE: IRA. 1994, 108-131.

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