Monday, August 15, 2011

Authentic Assessment for ESL Students--Oral Miscue Analysis

Question: What can be learned about students’ proficiency in English by having them read aloud?

Quote: “Monolingual and bilingual teachers can also conduct oral-miscue analysis of students’ oral reading to determine the different types of reading strategies the students employ. This requires some advance planning in that teachers need to have a transcript of the text to be read. As students read aloud, teachers note on the text any repetitions, substitutions, insertions, omissions, or self-corrections students make….. A more thorough analysis includes asking students to retell what was read (as in story retelling….)” 

Comment: Too many miscues will add up to the student’s not understanding what was read. RayS.

Title: “Assessing the Literacy Development of Second-Language Students: A Focus on Authentic Assessment.” Georgia Earnest Garcia, pp. 180-205.  In Kids Come in All Languages: Reading Instruction for ESL Students. Eds. K Spangensberg-Urgschat and R Pritchard. Newark, DE: IRA. 1994.

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