Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Writing and Show and Tell

Question: How can a teacher add writing to Show-and-Tell?

Answer: “Many kindergarten and primary classrooms include a sharing period during the school day. By adding a written text, teachers can easily use sharing sessions to involve print awareness….” P. 486.

“The only material needs are paper 6” x 9” or larger and a magic marker. After each student shares an experience, discovery or treasure, the teacher writes a sentence or two that summarizes her/his topic.” P. 487.

 “Reread the text as a group and make sure that the student who has shared can read it independently.” P. 487.

Title: “Show and Tell, Write and Read.” BM Britt. Reading Teacher (January 1988), 486-487.

NOTE: Taking a four-day Thanksgiving Holiday. RayS.

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