Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Literature. Why?

Question: Who needs literature?

 Answer/Quote: “Unlike the glib, materialistic, quick-solution vision of life offered on much TV, literature portrays lives that have complicated problems and tough choices.” P. 19.

Quote: “A skill at formal literary analysis may be useful for a few college courses, but it is not a highly marketable skill, nor a cornerstone of workplace competence, nor something most folks need as they walk around in their adult lives.” P. 20.

Quote: “We need literature to learn to get along. Literature and life converge in the field of human relationships. What characterizes quality literature—refusal to stereotype or generalize, fidelity to the whole complicated truth in all its breadth and subtlety, energy and inventiveness, eloquence, paying careful attention, discomfort at pat answers, and a generosity and sympathy with others—also characterizes thoughtful life.” P. 21.

Comment: I think we need to ask ourselves this question about the value of literature. Take the time to think about it. It’s an important question. RayS.

Title: “Why Literature Matters.” T Gillespie. English Journal (December 1994), 16-21.

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