Friday, June 24, 2011


Question: How would you improve inservice programs that would be helpful to you?

Answer the following questions that were a part of a survey provided by Karen M. Feathers at Wayne State University.

Have you attended a seminar or inservice session that you liked on secondary reading/language teaching in the last year? What was the topic of that session and what did you like about it? (Conversely, if the session was not helpful, why wasn’t it?)

If you could design a convention session that would help you do a better job teaching reading/language to middle/secondary students, what would be the topic of that session be and how would the session be organized (lecture, hands-on, groups, etc.)?

Comment: Your answers to these questions might provide you with the information you will need to seek better inservice programs to meet your needs. RayS.

Title: “Is Secondary School Reading Your Prime Interest?” Karen M. Feathers. Journal of Reading (November 1993) p. 245.

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