Monday, June 6, 2011

Criterion-Referenced Test Interpretation

Question: How does one interpret criterion-referenced tests?

Answer/Quote: “In criterion-referenced…test interpretation, no attempt is made to compare the performance of an individual with that of others. Rather, one seeks to evaluate performance in terms of whether an individual has achieved or has failed to achieve specific instructional objectives. It seeks to answer the question ‘What specific skills, knowledges, and understanding has a pupil acquired?’ Can he, for example, spell the word believe? Can he use the word dormant in a meaningful sentence? Can he suggest an appropriate title for a story? In its most elemental form, the response of each pupil to each test item is evaluated as correct or incorrect; the skill or ability, or whatever, measured by a test item has either been mastered or it has not. The criterion is 100 percent mastery.” P. 348.

Comment: This explanation reduces the terminology to manageable form. RayS.

Title: “Criterion-Referenced Test Interpretation in Reading.” George A. Prescott. Reading Teacher (January 1971), 347-354.

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