Monday, April 23, 2012

Student Self-Perception of Learning Ability

Question: What are some questions that will help students define themselves as learners?

> “What are your perceptions of yourself as a learner? Describe your strengths and weaknesses.”

> “What are other people’s (parents, friends, teachers) perceptions of you as a student?”

>. “In the past, how have you performed as a students? Think back through preschool, elementary, high school, and previous college experiences.”

> “Were there any substantive changes in your pattern of academic performance through the years? When and to what do you attribute these changes?”

> “In what subjects do you typically perform best and worst? Why do you think this is so?”

>. “What interests you most about school settings and the process of learning? What interests you least?”

> “What is your normal method for reading and studying? Where do you think there is room for improvement?”

> “How do you handle boredom in class? Whose responsibility is it to make the class interesting? Why?”

> “Is there a significant person who has helped shape your attitude or interest in learning? If so, who and how?”

> “When you think of school and learning, how do you feel? Use specific adjectives if they come to mind.”

Comment: Some of these questions could produce significant insights into the learner’s personality and habits and attitudes toward learning. I wish I had been asked to complete such questions when I was a learner. I might have found some productive changes in my methods of reading, writing and study. RayS.

Title: “Using Writing to Explore Academic Self-Perceptions.” HA Spires. Journal of Reading (April 1992), 582-583.

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