Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Unit on Storytelling for Young Children

Question: How can teachers initiate a story-telling project with young children?

Answer/Quote: “The week began when a local story-teller visited the school and spent half-hour periods with different grades. In addition to entertaining the children with her stories, the story teller gave tips on how to tell stories (enjoy your story, use facial expressions, use props, use movement, and be able to improvise).” P. 250. 

“During the next several days, reading classes were transformed into storytelling workshops. To find stories they wanted to tell, the children had several options: look through familiar and unfamiliar books for stories, write original tales, or practice known favorite stories, such as family legends or folktales. After the students had chosen their stories, they spent time practicing their storytelling techniques….” 250.

Comment: Sounds like a worthwhile project. RayS.

Title: “Children as Storytellers.” SA West. Reading Teacher (November 1987), 249-250.

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