Thursday, July 7, 2011

ESL Communication Activities

Question: How can ESL students engage in communication activities?

Answer/Quote: “Activities include role playing, simulation games,  small-group work, and information-gap activities in which students must exchange information in order to complete a task.

“While the focus…is on the development of oral proficiency, reading and writing activities may also be incorporated into instruction. Authentic reading materials such as advertisements, menus, newspaper articles, and signs are preferred….” 86-87.

Comment: Most of these activities seem to be more appropriate for direct instruction in ESL classes than for my regular English class. RayS.

Title: “Instructional Approaches and Teaching Procedures.” AU Chamot and JM O’Malley. Pp. 82-107. In Kids Come in All Languages: Reading Instruction for ESL Students. Eds. K Spangensberg-Urgschat and R Pritchard. Newark, DE: IRA. 1994.

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